In the weeks and months immediately following Britain’s EU referendum, to even question whether or not we should actually leave was nothing short of heresy. Whether you supported leaving at the time of the vote or not, we all had to get behind Brexit because ‘democracy!’. Even Jeremy Corbyn who campaigned for a remain vote […]

Podcast with Jack Murphy. We discuss the election campaign, the polls, manifesto pledges and predictions for June 8.

Labour’s dire polling in the early stages of this election campaign has led to new calls for a ‘progressive alliance’ or tactical voting drive to defeat the Tories on June 8. Significantly, the Labour Party itself has steered clear of any such talk. The Greens and peripheral figures in the Labour movement, like Paul Mason, […]

It’s no secret that the Labour Party enters this election campaign on the back foot. Recent polling shows Theresa May’s Tories surging above 45% with Labour stuck around 20 points behind whilst the results are even worse for the opposition when question such as ‘Who would make the best Prime Minister’ are posed. UK Polling […]

Welcome to Brexitland, where everyone is either an ‘enemy of the people’ or an idiotic economic self-harmer. Where the Tories have become UKIP, Labour have become the SWP, and the Lib Dems claim to represent the 48% despite polling below ten. Where reasoned debate has been replaced with empty tautologies, migrants have become bargaining chips, […]

For Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents in the Labour Party, Thursday’s by-election results were as bad as they could possibly be. Losing Copeland to the Tories – a Labour seat since its creation and the first mid-term government gain for 35 years – was humiliating but local factors, as well as Labour’s victory in Stoke, have allowed […]

British politics is in a mess. The Brexit vote has opened a Pandora’s Box of chaos and crises, with hope seemingly reserved for a diminishing number of hard-core Leavers. Theresa May, hastily appointed in July, has struggled to persuade the public that she has a plan for Brexit with a recent ORB poll showing 62% […]