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Pledges, Polls, and Predictions: Podcast #2

Podcast with Jack Murphy. We discuss the election campaign, the polls, manifesto pledges and predictions for June 8. Advertisements

Brexit, By-elections, and Broken Promises: Electoral pacts are no substitute for inspiring policy

Labour’s dire polling in the early stages of this election campaign has led to new calls for a ‘progressive alliance’ or tactical voting drive to defeat the Tories on June 8. Significantly, the Labour Party itself has steered clear of any such talk. The Greens and peripheral figures in the Labour movement, like Paul Mason, […]

Labour’s Brexit Seats: The Real Battleground

It’s no secret that the Labour Party enters this election campaign on the back foot. Recent polling shows Theresa May’s Tories surging above 45% with Labour stuck around 20 points behind whilst the results are even worse for the opposition when question such as ‘Who would make the best Prime Minister’ are posed. UK Polling […]