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Welcome to Brexitland: Please do not sit on the fence

Welcome to Brexitland, where everyone is either an ‘enemy of the people’ or an idiotic economic self-harmer. Where the Tories have become UKIP, Labour have become the SWP, and the Lib Dems claim to represent the 48% despite polling below ten. Where reasoned debate has been replaced with empty tautologies, migrants have become bargaining chips, […]

Anger, Appeals, and Article 50: Only a General Election can solve the Brexit dilemma

Yesterday’s news that the government will require Parliamentary consent to trigger Article 50 has prompted angry responses from apoplectic Brexiteers. Though the Leave campaign promised to reassert parliamentary sovereignty, prominent politicians including David Davis and Nigel Farage have criticised the ruling whilst the government have vowed to appeal. As the battle over Britain’s exit deal […]

EU Referendum Polling: A few thoughts

As the EU referendum draws nearer/ promises to finally be over soon (delete as appropriate), extra attention is being paid to what opinion polls suggest the result will look like. Having enjoyed a consistent lead throughout the early part of the campaign, the Remain side has found itself falling behind Gove, Johnson, and Farage’s Leave side […]

Football, Fear, and Facebook: Who’s to blame for the appalling EU referendum campaigns?

Last week, Britain discovered the tragic news that Brexit may lead to an exodus of European stars from our beloved Premier League. The end of freedom of movement would mean players like Dimitri Payet, Samir Nasri, and David de Gea could no longer work in Britain, causing chaos for clubs up and down the land. […]