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Formalities, Failures, and False Claims: By-election review

For Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents in the Labour Party, Thursday’s by-election results were as bad as they could possibly be. Losing Copeland to the Tories – a Labour seat since its creation and the first mid-term government gain for 35 years – was humiliating but local factors, as well as Labour’s victory in Stoke, have allowed […]

Corbyn, Crises, and House of Cards: What do the state of Labour and Brexit negotiations say about our politics?

British politics is in a mess. The Brexit vote has opened a Pandora’s Box of chaos and crises, with hope seemingly reserved for a diminishing number of hard-core Leavers. Theresa May, hastily appointed in July, has struggled to persuade the public that she has a plan for Brexit with a recent ORB poll showing 62% […]

Toilets, Twitter, and the Thick of it: It’s about time we all embraced the political gaffe

It was supposedly Owen Smith’s plan to wear Jeremy Corbyn down in the Labour leadership election. A kind of death by hustings. It seems however, that it’s Smith who’s suffering from campaign fatigue. On Wednesday’s debate on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, the Pontypridd MP made a bewildering blunder, suggesting ISIS should be involved in peace talks […]

Abuse, ‘Active Multilateralism’, and Angry Corbyn: Podcast #1

My first podcast, with friend and fellow blogger Jack Murphy. We discuss the Labour leadership contest, Chilcot report, and Trident.

Tribalism, Joint Tickets, and Tory Rule: Does the left need a ‘Progressive Alliance’?

When the SNP, Plaid Cymru, and the Green party set out plans for a ‘progressive alliance’ during the 2015 election campaign very few people took much notice. The parties hardly compete with other anyway and were unlikely, perhaps with the exception of the SNP, to have much impact on who occupied No.10 come May 8th. […]

Elections, Rejections, and Resurrections: A brief overview of Theresa May’s first Cabinet

If anyone were to steal the headlines from the new Prime Minister, it had to be Boris Johnson. The bumbling, ham-fisted former Mayor of London was made Foreign Secretary this week, to the dismay of some of Britain’s closest allies. Prominent politicians in France, Germany, the USA and Sweden, to name but a few, have […]

Hypocrisy and Hashtags: How (not) to react to the Panama Papers scandal

Oh, the irony! David Cameron, who in 2012 declared tax avoidance schemes ‘morally wrong’, has been found to have profited from an offshore trust which paid no UK tax. Unless you’ve recently returned from the surface of the moon this will not be news to you. Newspapers, social media, and TV news have been dominated […]