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Psephology, Swing States, and Voter Suppression: In defence of opinion polling

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in Tuesday’s Presidential election has sparked a backlash against the pollsters who predicted his opponent, Hillary Clinton, would prevail. The President-elect had not led in the polls since convention season in July but crossed the winning line after taking Wisconsin. Though that particular result was entirely unexpected, the polls were far […]

Election Night 2016: What you need to know

Election night is finally here. After a mammoth eighteen-month campaign, the next President of the United States is about to be chosen. Through the primaries, conventions, debates and controversies, this election cycle has raised as many questions as it has answered. Here are the answers to the key questions everyone is asking on this historic, […]

Racism, Roadblocks, and Raising the Stakes: What if Donald Trump actually wins?

Like the racist Leicester City of politics, Donald Trump has defied all expectations to win the Republican primary and mount a serious challenge for the White House. Hillary Clinton remains most people’s favourite to win in November but as the race tightens its worth asking what might happen if Trump actually triumphs. The prospect may […]

Concessions, Comedians, and Carrying the Flame: Why Sanders supporters should be building for 2020

To anyone outside the Bernie bubble it was pretty clear from ‘Super Tuesday’ onwards that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination for President. Despite a remarkably energetic, optimistic, and well-funded Sanders campaign there were simply more Democratic party voters on the former Secretary of State’s side. Defeat was, understandably, a bitter pill to swallow […]

Flip Flops, Fireworks, and ‘America First’: Why Donald Trump is not a political mastermind

Donald Trump was laughed at when he entered the race to become the Republican Presidential nominee. From comedian Jon Stewart to election stats super-nerd Nate Silver, Trump’s candidacy was derided and dismissed. They’re not laughing now. After conquering all before him in the primaries, the New York billionaire was officially confirmed last week as the […]