Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in Tuesday’s Presidential election has sparked a backlash against the pollsters who predicted his opponent, Hillary Clinton, would prevail. The President-elect had not led in the polls since convention season in July but crossed the winning line after taking Wisconsin. Though that particular result was entirely unexpected, the polls were far […]

Election night is finally here. After a mammoth eighteen-month campaign, the next President of the United States is about to be chosen. Through the primaries, conventions, debates and controversies, this election cycle has raised as many questions as it has answered. Here are the answers to the key questions everyone is asking on this historic, […]

Yesterday’s news that the government will require Parliamentary consent to trigger Article 50 has prompted angry responses from apoplectic Brexiteers. Though the Leave campaign promised to reassert parliamentary sovereignty, prominent politicians including David Davis and Nigel Farage have criticised the ruling whilst the government have vowed to appeal. As the battle over Britain’s exit deal […]

Like the racist Leicester City of politics, Donald Trump has defied all expectations to win the Republican primary and mount a serious challenge for the White House. Hillary Clinton remains most people’s favourite to win in November but as the race tightens its worth asking what might happen if Trump actually triumphs. The prospect may […]

It was supposedly Owen Smith’s plan to wear Jeremy Corbyn down in the Labour leadership election. A kind of death by hustings. It seems however, that it’s Smith who’s suffering from campaign fatigue. On Wednesday’s debate on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, the Pontypridd MP made a bewildering blunder, suggesting ISIS should be involved in peace talks […]

Following the first in a series of Labour leadership hustings, the New Statesman blog published an article detailing the four things we learnt from the debate. In truth we only learnt one thing; that nothing has changed. Jeremy Corbyn remains hugely popular among Labour members and supporters, Owen Smith is yet to convince the same […]

My first podcast, with friend and fellow blogger Jack Murphy. We discuss the Labour leadership contest, Chilcot report, and Trident.